Friday, October 5, 2012

QucsStudio 1.4.2

A new version of QucsStudio has just been released for general use. The latest version is mainly  bug fixes but does contain a number of new/improved features. A list of the changes are given below:

  • some corrections in help system
  • component names in noise contribution analysis with subcircuit prefix
  • reduced time step warnings in transient analysis
  • bugfix: differential voltages in equations
  • in equations: allow suffix in node names
  • bugfix: directory MinGW\mingw32\bin\ exists again
  • bugfix: crash in diagram dialog if clicking on empty variable area
  • new component: photodiode
  • new equation function: stoa()
  • bugfix: spaces allowed between function name and "("
  • added InP permittivity in property list
  • bugfix: correct text in C++ symbol string
  • error message for wrong index in equation variables

This is likely to be one of the last releases in the QucsStudio 1.4 series.  Work has started on QucsStudio series 2.0.0.  QucsStudio 2.0.0 is expected to offer users significant improvements in simulation and modelling capabilities.  The first of the new releases will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the first release of Qucs next year.

QucsStudio can be downloaded from the QucsStudio homepage at

Contact: Mike Brinson

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