Dec 31, 2006

Conference in Roma (ITC'07)

I'm attending a conference in Roma on January 25-26: the 2007 International Thin Film Transistors Conference, ITC'07 (see the webpage) . I'm presenting there a paper on how to extend the AIMSPICE TFT model to short devices. If you want more details, contact me. Anyway, after the conference, I'll post here the abstract (I'd do it before, but it would be unethical).


Welcome everybody!

This is the first entry of what will be (hopefully) a blog dedicated to the world of compact modeling. We will try to discuss the most recent developments and also a bit of history. Obviously, all comments are welcome.

First of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Rodrigo Picos, and I've got a PhD in electronics, and I'm currently working on Compact Modeling. I'm also one of the founders of SEDEMOS, Inc, which is a firm dedicated to semiconductor consultancy (we cover from organic TFT to bulk MOS, without forgetting SOI nor HEMTs).

Happy new year 2007!