Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New papers (November 26, 2008)

A brief selection of papers:

Accurate Intrinsic Gate Capacitance Model for Carbon Nanotube-Array Based FETs Considering Screening Effect, (abstract) in Electron Device Letters, IEEE

Analytical Model of Subthreshold Current and Slope for Asymmetric 4-T and 3-T Double-Gate MOSFETs, (abstract) in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Three-Dimensional Closed-Form Model for Potential Barrier in Undoped FinFETs Resulting in Analytical Equations for VT and Subthreshold Slope, (abstract) in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

A Non-Charge-Sheet Analytic Model for Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs With Smooth Transition Between Partially and Fully Depleted Operation Modes, (abstract) in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Carrier Mobility in Undoped Triple-Gate FinFET Structures and Limitations of Its Description in Terms of Top and Sidewall Channel Mobilities, (abstract) in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Enjoy your reading!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Conference Date: May 3-9, 2009, Miami, Florida USA
Official Submission Site:

Submission of Abstracts and Digests December 5, 2008
Notification of Acceptance February 2, 2009
Submission of Final Papers March 9, 2009

The IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference provides an international forum for sharing experience, new ideas, and developments in design, operation, analysis, and practical application and optimization of electric energy and drive systems and their components. IEMDC is a venue for users, designers and manufacturers, and analysts of electric machines and drives and their related power electronics and controls. The conference is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Power and Energy, Industrial Electronics, Industry Applications, and Power Electronics Societies. Several tutorials in the form of full day and half day short courses will be offered during the day on May 3, 2009.

In addition to the subjects identified above, the conference will have papers and plenary presentations by recognized experts to highlight various aspects of electric machines and drives, such as automotive applications, renewable and alternate energy applications. Of interest are topics related to PM and IPM motor drive systems, fault tolerant operation and
survivability, diagnostics and prognostics of machine drive systems, bearings current, sensorless methods, and turbogenerator operation and maintenance. Also of interest are papers in areas including novel designs and applications of machines and drives, hybrid electric vehicles, naval and aircraft power systems. Papers addressing these and related topics are encouraged.

Information for Authors

Authors wishing to submit papers are invited to submit an abstract of 200 words single spaced and a digest of five pages, including text, tables, and figures, at the conference website: The style for the abstract and digest are posted on the website. The style and model paper for the final version will be posted on the website shortly. The Abstract and Digest should be in a single-column pdf format in 12 point serif text, such at Times New Roman and double spaced on either A4 or US letter-size pages. These format requirements are necessary for the peer review stage. Contact information for the corresponding author should be
indicated on the abstract. No author information should appear on the 5 page digest. Submissions should indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation in case of acceptance however; the final decision on the presentation format will be decided by the technical program committee. All
submissions will be made through a web-based system. Acceptance notification will contain instructions for final paper preparation.

Registration and payment of fees by at least one author is required for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Conference Record: The papers presented during the conference will be posted on IEEE Xplore and be cited in EI (Engineering Index).

This Conference Theme is “Renewable Energy Systems for Today & Tomorrow”

Contact Information: The conference website is located at: The preferred mode of contact is e-mail. For general conference information, please address comments and questions to:

IEEE IEMDC-2009 Conference Secretariat
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
10555 W. Flagler Street, Room EC-3960
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33174 USA

Short Courses: If you are interested in offering a short course during IEMDC 2009, the short course proposal deadline: December 5, 2008. Please use the appropriate area on the website at

Important Dates
Submission of Abstracts and Digests December 5, 2008
Notification of Acceptance February 2, 2009
Submission of Final Papers March 9, 2009
Short Course Proposal Deadline: December 5, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

More job offers!!

Crisis? Who said crisis?. It seems that a guy called Manoj Gupta is looking again for people to work as device modeling engineers. Have a look at the linkedIn network here. And the only details I have are those posted here:

"Candidate will lead projects in Bipolar/BiCMOS/HVMOS/DMOS process analysis
and device characterization, as well as development of the SPICE model and
simulation library. Candidate should have an MSEE or PhD in EE with an
emphasis on device physics. Candidate will need at least 5 plus years
experience in characterization and modeling of Bipolar and MOS devices, with
good knowledge of modeling tools, IC technology, basic circuit design, and

If you know something more, share your knowledge!

Friday, November 14, 2008

1st International MOS-AK Workshop in San Francisco // 2nd announcement

--- 1st International MOS-AK Workshop
--- Saturday, 13 December 2008; the Westin St Francis Hotel in San Francisco
--- 2nd announcement

1st International MOS-AK Workshop on compact modeling, will be organized
in San Francisco (co-located with the CMC Meeting and IEDM Conference) with
aims to strengthen a network and discussion forum among experts in the
field, create an open platform for information exchange related to
compact/Spice modeling, bring people in the compact modeling field together,
as well as obtain feedback from technology developers, circuit designers,
and CAD tool vendors. The topics cover all important aspects of compact
model development, implementation, deployment and standardization within the
main theme - compact models for mainstream CMOS/SOI circuit simulation. The
specific workshop goal will be to classify the most important directions for
the future development of the compact models and to clearly identify areas
that need further research. This workshop is designed for device process
engineers (CMOS, SOI, BiCMOS, SiGe) who are interested in device modeling;
ICs designers (RF/IF/Analog/Mixed-Signal/SoC) and those starting in that
area as well as device characterization, modeling and parameter extraction
engineers. The content will be beneficial for anyone who needs to learn what
is really behind IC simulation in modern device models. The technical
program of MOS-AK Workshop consists of one day of tutorials given by noted
academic and industry experts, also a panel session is foreseen. The meeting
program will be availabe soon at:

Tentative list of the speakers already includes following names
(in alphabetic order):
* Henok Abebe, MOSIS;
* Marc Vanden Bossche, NMDG;
* Gennady Gildenblat, ASU;
* Hans J. Mattausch, U.Hiroshima;
* Colin Mcandrew, Freescale;
* Marek Mierzwinski, Tiburon;
* Paul Jespers, UC Louvain;
* Sadayuki Yoshitomi, Toshiba;
* Xisheng Zhang, Accelicon;

--- Important dates:
* Final workshop program - Dec.1
* 1st International MOS-AK Workshop - Dec.13
at the Westin St Francis Hotel in San Francisco

Organizing Committee:
* Hisayo S. Momose; Toshiba; Session Chair
* Herve Jaouen, STM; Session Chair
* Ehrenfried Seebacher, austriamicrosystems; Panel Session Chair
* Tim K. Smith; Accelicon; Local Arrangement Chair
* Wladek Grabinski, GMC Suisse; Workshop Manager
Modeling Book:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2009 Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM'09)

The 2009 Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM 2009) will be held in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston (Texas, USA) on May 3-7 2009, as part of the Nanotech 2009 Conference.

The Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM) is the largest event devoted to the Compact Modeling field. WCM has become a very important open forum for discussion among experts in this field as well as feedback from technology developers, circuit designers, and EDA tool vendors.

The suggested topics include all important aspects of compact model development and application: intrinsic models, extrinsic/interconnec models, atom/quantum models, statistical models, and model extraction and interface.

A limited number of papers will be selected for oral presentations and the remaining accepted papers will be planned for poster presentations with oral briefing. The deadline for abstract submission is November 12 2008.

The Chairman of WCM is Professor Xing Zhou (from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). He was the person who created WCM and has made this workshop very successful.

I think that it is a must for Compact Modeling researchers to attend WCM. Many of the last advances in this field are presented there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An interesting discussion

That is, if someone cares to post... I've get this thread from LinkedIn:

There seem to be a boom in requirement for Device modeling Engineers worldwide from Big Semiconductor Companies as well as small players. Is there a possibility of offshore work in this area too?

You can follow (and post) the discussion here.