Jul 24, 2011

[mos-ak] Final Program MOS-AK/GSA ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Workshop in Helsinki on Sept.16 2011

Please visit the MOS-AK/GSA Helsinki web site with the final workshop

* Free On-line Registration Form:

* Venue: Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland

* Agenda: Sept. 16, 2011: 8:30 - 16:30
With panel discussion: "40th Anniversary of SPICE"
(panelists alphabetic list)
Narain D. Arora, Siltera, USA
Christian Enz, EPFL, CH
Chenming Hu, UC Berkeley, USA
Willy Sansen, ESAT-MICAS, B (moderator)
Andrei Vladimirescu, BWRC, UC Berkeley, USA
Andreas Wild, ENIAC - JU, EU

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Jul 18, 2011

Post Doctoral Researcher / Research Engineer Position in Compact Modeling

The BSIM Group of Electrical Engineering Department at the University of California Berkeley is seeking to hire a bright candidate interested in compact model development/maintenance to join as a post doctoral researcher or research engineer. We are looking for a candidate with PhD (for post doctoral researcher) or Masters (for Research Engineer) degree in EE/Physics preferably for long term (4–5 years). The responsibilities include but not limited to
  • Research and development of new BSIM compact models
  • Maintenance and support of BSIM MOSFET compact models (BSIM4, BSIMSOI and BSIM-MG)
  • Interface with industry to understand requirements and issues with BSIM models and rectify them
  • C & Verilog-A coding and testing/debugging of models
Required skills
  • Excellent semiconductor device physics and process technology knowledge
  • Experience in computer programming (C and Verilog-A)
  • Knowledge of basic analog and digital circuit operation
BSIM Group encourages its members to represent it actively at conferences, workshops, and meetings. Interested applicants should submit their CV to bsimgroup@gmail.com

For more information, please visit:
BSIM Group and Device Group