Thursday, December 20, 2012

[mos-ak] [on-line publications] 5th International MOS-AK/GSA Workshop in San Francisco, Dec. 12, 2012

The MOS-AK/GSA Working Group, a global compact modeling standardization forum, has delivered their 5th international compact modeling workshop, organized on Dec. 12, 2012 in the time frame of the IEDM Conference in San Francisco. The event was organized at swissnex receiving full sponsorship provided by leaders in electronic design automation including Agilent Technologies and Mentor Graphics. The FP7 COMMON Project, Eurotraining, and MOSIS Services were among the workshop technical program promoters. More than 40 international academic researchers and modeling engineers attended two sessions to hear 11 technical compact modeling talks. The session oral presentations are available for download at

The compact modeling panel discussion moderated by Larry Nagel concluded the MOS-AK/GSA workshop. Invited international academic researchers and modeling engineers reviewed the status of compact modeling standardization and agreed that the Verilog-A standard offers a unique platform for compact model developments, validation, exchange and implementation into commercial as well as open source CAD/EDA tools. The panelists also pointed out the needs of further Verilog-A standard extensions and broader Verilog-AMS language deļ¬nitions to better support compact device modeling, in particular focusing on Analog/RF noise applications. It is also expected that open source developers will actively contribute to standards promotion, addressing the challenges of related CAD/EDA software developments, such as Verilog-AMS debuggers supporting new model validations; and full featured, integral Verilog-AMS simulators for semiconductor device model benchmarking.

The MOS-AK/GSA Modeling Working Group coordinates several upcoming modeling events: a spring Q2/2013 MOS-AK/GSA meeting in Munich (D), followed by a special compact modeling session at the MIXDES Conference in Gdynia (PL); and an autumn Q3/2013 MOS-AK/GSA workshop in Bucharest (RO).

[read also recent press release]

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 20nm Moore's Law Challenge - FinFET versus SOI technology... with John Chen, Nvidia

From Electronics weSRCH:

Some say Moore's Law for semiconductors has stopped. But the world of 20nm technology is coming fast.  My guest, John Chen, Vice President, Wafer Foundry Group and Global Operations of Nvidia, was here to talk about it. He talks about the strengths and weaknesses of FinFET and SOI, including the power benefits and the design challenges.  Then we examine the question of Moore's Law slowing, followed up with the need for greater collaboration between fabless and foundry in a way that looks like a Virtual IDM.

The interview is in the original link, and it's quite interesting...