Apr 30, 2019

Apr 29, 2019

P. Kushwaha et al., "Characterization and Modeling of Flicker #Noise in #FinFETs at Advanced Technology Node," in IEEE Electron Device Letters. doi: 10.1109/LED.2019.2911614 https://t.co/RuzIYlIOiL #paper https://t.co/y7lpjHI02W

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April 29, 2019 at 09:32AM

Apr 26, 2019

A Compact Model for Border Traps in Lateral MOS Devices with Large Channel Resistance https://t.co/p9sOA4A8Ee #paper

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April 26, 2019 at 09:14PM

A Quick #TSMC 2019 Tech Symposium Overview #FinFET https://t.co/NzINOJTciz #paper

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April 26, 2019 at 02:29PM

Apr 25, 2019

H. Cortes-Ordonez, S. Jacob, F. Mohamed, G. Ghibaudo and B. Iniguez, "Analysis and Compact Modeling of Gate Capacitance in Organic Thin-Film Transistors," in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 66, no. 5, pp. 2370-2374, May 2019. https://t.co/IHtWBBiqiI #paper https://t.co/Ryp6FJ6TlS

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#Emerging #memories https://t.co/Iv50OpzJGO #paper

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Apr 23, 2019

Apr 17, 2019

Is #ETHZ’s genetically engineered ‘biological dual-core processor’ actually a pair of gates? https://t.co/4swqZuKfk6 #paper https://t.co/OMlQyV8sTs

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#MEMS research is better #together #Japan https://t.co/chDClsOcjZ #paper https://t.co/7zUt4UisGI

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April 17, 2019 at 09:39PM

W. Wang, P. Yu and Y. Jiang, "#Compact #Model for Digital Circuits Operating Near Threshold in Deep-Submicrometer MOSFET," in IEEE TED doi: 10.1109/TED.2019.2905895 https://t.co/ST4J8u2pRY https://t.co/3bYTnxKi3c

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April 17, 2019 at 07:51PM

Apr 8, 2019

Symposium on Schottky Barrier MOS devices

Towards neuromorphic and quantum computing applications” 
October 4, 2019, Paris (F)
organized by EDS French Chapter & Universite Paris-Sud

A symposium on Schottky Barrier MOS (SB-MOS) devices is planned for October 4th at the new Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology laboratory in Palaiseau, France. This is the third meeting of an enthusiastic group of Schottky barrier researchers and this year it is sponsored by LabexNanoSaclay, the IEED EDS French chapter, the Robert Bosch GmbH and Silvaco Inc.

This year the theme of the symposium is “Towards neuromorphic and quantum computing applications” organized by Dr. Laurie Calvet (C2N, Palaiseau, France), Dr. Francesca Chiodi (C2N, Palaiseau, France), Dr. Mireille Mouis (IMEP-LAHC, Grenoble INP, France) and Dr. Mike Schwarz (Robert Bosch GmbH, NanoP THM, Germany) and the staff at the Centre of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Université Paris-Sud. 

The symposium starts on October 4th at 9:00 am and the following speakers have confirmed their invitations: Prof. Benjamin Iniguez (DEEEA, Universitaet Rovira I Virgili), Dr. Laurie E. Calvet (C2N, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud), Dr. Mike Schwarz (Robert Bosch GmbH, NanoP THM, Germany), Dr. David Green / Dr. Ahmed Nejim (Silvaco Inc.), Dr. John Snyder (JCAP, LLC), Dr. Francesca Chiodi (C2N, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud), Dr. François Lefloch (CEA, Grenoble), Dr. Fabrice Nemouchi (CEA, Grenoble).

Apr 7, 2019

Restoring An #HP4276A LCZ Meter From The 1980s https://t.co/K9LM1c5Ao0 #paper

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Apr 6, 2019

First #opensource #MIPS code is released https://t.co/0NbQasWuVx

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April 06, 2019 at 10:19PM

2019 CAD-TFT Workshop in Tarragona (Spain)

2019 International Workshop on
Computer Aided Design of Thin-Film Transistors (CAD-TFT)
University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Catalonia) Spain
July 8-10, 2019

The 2019 CAD-TFT Workshop will provide a forum for discussions and current practices on compact TFT modeling and to promote research on CAD techniques at all levels (TCAD, compact modelling, circuit & system design) for TFT technologies. It is also intended to promote the training of students, young researchers and engineers and to build international, academic-industry, and cross-level collaborations to evoke new applications of TFT technologies. The workshop will technically be co-sponsored by the IEEE EDS Compact Modeling Technical Committee, in joint collaboration with the Department of Electronic, Electrical and Automatic Control Engineering (DEEEiA) of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and Silvaco Europe Ltd. An EDS Mini-Colloquium will take place on July 8. 

The chair of the 2019 CAD-TFT Workshop and the EDS Mini-Colloquium is Prof. Benjamin Iñiguez, from URV.

A partial list of the areas of interest includes:

· Physics of TFTs and operating principles
· Compact TFT device models for circuit simulation
· Model implementation and circuit analysis techniques
· Model parameter extraction techniques
· TFT design for displays and emerging applications

█ Abstract Submission Deadline: May 1, 2019

Please note, abstracts will be considered for the conference even after the official submission deadline.

Prospective participants should email a no-more-than 100-word abstract to: benjamin.iniguez@urv.cat

Tarragona is about 100 Km south from Barcelona, on the coast (the so-called "Costa Daurada", Golden Coast). Traveling to Tarragona from Barcelona is easier. There are frequent direct buses between Tarragona and Barcelona Airport, and also frequent trains between Tarragona and Barcelona. Besides, from some European cities it is possible to fly to Reus Airport, which is about 10 Km from Tarragona.

Tarragona is one of the most  important hubs of tourism in Europe, not only because of the nice beaches around the city, but also because of its historical landmarks.. Tarragona was a very important city of the Roman Empire. In 2000 UNESCO committee officially declared the Roman archaeological complex of Tarraco (name of Tarragona during the Roman Empire) a World Heritage Site. This recognition is intended to help ensure the conservation of the monuments, as well as to introduce them to the broader international public.

Apr 3, 2019

S. Hong, "Compact Charge Modeling of Double-Gate MOSFETs Considering the Density-Gradient Equation," in IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, vol. 7, pp. 409-416, 2019. doi: 10.1109/JEDS.2019.2903854 https://t.co/qaoEggYw9v #paper https://t.co/re4irM7K0C

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April 03, 2019 at 11:22PM

Apr 1, 2019

Y. Cao, W. Zhang, J. Fu, Q. Wang, L. Liu and A. Guo, "A Complete Small-Signal MOSFET Model and Parameter Extraction Technique for Millimeter Wave Applications," in IEEE JEDS, vol. 7, pp. 398-403, 2019. doi: 10.1109/JEDS.2019.2900202 https://t.co/boPOK6la6Y #paper https://t.co/GxAhkKRx5K

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April 01, 2019 at 09:42PM