Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#BOOK: Electronic Design Automation for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology

Electronic Design Automation for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology:
 Circuit Design, and Process Technology
 Luciano Lavagno, Igor L. Markov, Grant Martin, Louis K. Scheffer
 CRC Press, 27 Apr 2016 - Technology & Engineering - 786 pages, 2nd Edition

The second of two volumes in the Electronic Design Automation for Integrated Circuits Handbook, Second Edition, EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and TCAD thoroughly examines real-time logic (RTL) to GDSII (a file format used to transfer data of semiconductor physical layout) design flow, analog/mixed signal design, physical verification, and technology computer-aided design (TCAD). Chapters contributed by leading experts authoritatively discuss design for manufacturability (DFM) at the nanoscale, power supply network design and analysis, design modeling, and much more.

Recommended book sections:

SECTION II Analog and Mixed-Signal Design
Chapter 17: Simulation of Analog and RF Circuits and Systems (pp.417)
Jaijeet Roychowdhury and Alan Mantooth
Chapter 18: Simulation and Modeling for Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits (pp.455)
Georges G.E. Gielen and Joel R. Phillips
Chapter 19: Layout Tools for Analog Integrated Circuits and Mixed-Signal Systems-on-Chip: A Survey (pp.479)
Rob Rutenbar, John M. Cohn, Mark Po-Hung Lin, and Faik Baskaya

SECTION IV Technology Computer-Aided Design
Chapter 27: Process Simulation (pp.691)
Mark Johnson
Chapter 28: Device Modeling: From Physics to Electrical Parameter Extraction (pp.715)
Robert W. Dutton, Chang-Hoon Choi, and Edwin C. Kan
Chapter 29: High-Accuracy Parasitic Extraction (pp.745)
Mattan Kamon and Ralph Iverson

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