Thursday, May 12, 2016

Europe-wide plastic microelectronics project

A research group of THM is operating in a Europe-wide joint project on the development of electronic circuits made of plastics. Head of the project at the THM is Prof. Dr. Alexander Klös of the competence center nanotechnology and photonics. Partners are the Spanish Universitat Rovira i Virgili, the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau France and the University of Cambridge in England.

The research projec are also participating two research institutes in France and the Netherlands and three software companies. The European Union funded the project with almost 750,000 euros to promote in particular the exchange of researchers between the participating institutions. 

Organic semiconducting materials allow the production of electronic components by conventional printing methods such as silk screen or offset printing. This alternative is far less powerful than the classic silicon technology. However, it has advantages in certain application fields and is significantly cheaper. When using chip cards or electronic labels the reduced efficiency does not matter. The market research company IDTechEx expects in 2026 a growth of the global market volume for organic electronics from currently 26.5 to 69 billion US dollars [read more...]

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