Monday, August 11, 2014

Dr. Jindal has been nominated for the Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect 2015

Dr. Renuka Jindal is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA, USA since 2002. His research and teaching interests lie in the theory and practice of random processes applicable to a wide variety of phenomena in electronic and photonic devices and circuits, lightwave and wireless communications systems and biological organs. Dr. Jindal was elected Fellow of IEEE in 1991 for his seminal work reducing MOSFET noise by almost an order of magnitude for analog and RF applications. He is also a recipient of the IEEE 3rd Millennium medal. For last four decades of his dual career in industry and academia, Dr. Jindal rose through the ranks as Editor, Editor-in-Chief, VP of Publications, and as EDS President in 2010- 2011. As President he formulated the vision and mission of EDS enhancing member benefits launching a plethora of initiatives reversing the decline in EDS membership. A partial list of his accomplishments is given below:

As Senior-Past President of EDS Dr. Jindal is still very much engaged with IEEE. Recently, Dr. Jindal has been nominated by IEEE Division I to run for the Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect 2015 position in the upcoming IEEE elections. The electorate consists of members of three societies i.e. Electron Devices (ED), Solid-State Circuits (SSC) and Circuits and Systems (CAS). The slate consists of three candidates one from each of these societies. 

On his behalf, I suggest to contact your colleagues in IEEE regions 1-10 for his support since IEEE ballots will be out by August 15.

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