Monday, February 3, 2014

Call for IJNM papers: Noise modeling of high-frequency semiconductor devices


Call for IJNM papers: Noise modeling of high-frequency semiconductor devices 

Noise processes in solid-state active devices often determine their fundamental operational limits. This is especially true in situations where a device operates under tight sensitivity and accuracy constraints, as is the case in satellite communication systems, aerospace instrumentation, and deep-space radio astronomy. Today’s ultra-high frequency transistors that meet these demanding low-noise performance characteristics often leverage progressive device downscaling techniques in conjunction with improved semiconductor alloys. 
To enable the design of next-generation low-noise devices, however, accurate and flexible models that characterize the connection between the physics of microscopic noise processes and measurable macroscopic performance are called for. The objective of this Special Issue is to collect and disseminate recent results addressing the topic of modeling and simulation of the macroscopic noise performance of high- frequency transistors including but not limited to GaAs-based and GaN-based field-effect transistors, Si metal–oxide–semiconductor FETs and FinFETs, InP-based high-electron-mobility transistors, and GaAs and SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors. It is worth pointing out that because of frequency up-conversion phenomena caused by a device’s nonlinearities, low frequency noise processes may strongly impact microwave and millimeter wave behavior as well. Contributions focusing on low-frequency noise modeling therefore will be considered as well. 
This issue will include both invited and contributed manuscripts.
Manuscripts for this Special Issue should adhere to the requirements for regular papers of the IJNM as specified in the Author Guidelines at 
Potential contributors may contact the Guest Editors to determine the suitability of their contribution to the Special Issue. All manuscripts should be submitted via the IJNM’s manuscript website, with a statement that they are intended for this Special Issue. 

Guest Editors: 
Prof. Alina Caddemi University of Messina, Italy Email:
Prof. Ernesto Limiti University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy Email:

Manuscript submission deadline: July 31, 2014

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