Monday, March 5, 2012

NDES 2012 July 11 – 13, 2012, Wolfenbüttel, Germany

The conference aims at stimulating and enabling scientists from all over the world to exchange know-ledge and ideas in the field of nonlinear dynamics and its applications in a friendly atmosphere. Nonlinear phenomena are observed in diverse areas such as physics, biology, economics, electronics and computer science. The conference will cover cutting-edge research in these highly active fields and explore new perspectives of nonlinear dynamics in interdisciplinary applications. The scope of interest includes, but it is not limited to:
  • Theory, analysis, modelling, implementations and applications of nonlinear circuits and systems in science, technology and biology
  • Nonlinear network analysis
  • Neural networks, neurodynamics, robots 
  • Nonlinear signal processing: Time-series analysis, communication, coding
  • Nonlinear devices: Sensors, lasers
  • Bifurcation and chaos, control and synchronisation
  • Geodynamics
Wolfgang Mathis (Conference Chair, Organizing Committee)
Ruedi Stoop (Conference Co-Chair, Organizing Committee)

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