Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Papers in March 2012

SP-HV: A Scalable Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model for LDMOS Transistors

Yao, W.  Gildenblat, G.  McAndrew, C. C.  Cassagnes, A. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (435KB) 

Applicability of Macroscopic Transport Models to Decananometer MOSFETs

Vasicek, M.  Cervenka, J.  Esseni, D.  Palestri, P.  Grasser, T. 

Physics-Based Modeling of GaN HEMTs

Vitanov, S.  Palankovski, V.  Maroldt, S.  Quay, R.  Murad, S.  Rodle, T.  Selberherr, S.

A Compact Analytic Model of the Strain Field Induced by Through Silicon Vias

Jan, S.-R.  Chou, T.-P.  Yeh, C.-Y.  Liu, C. W.  Goldstein, R. V.  Gorodtsov, V. A.  Shushpannikov, P. S. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (849KB) 

A Subthreshold Swing Model for Thin-Film Fully Depleted SOI Four-Gate Transistors

Sayed, S.  Hossain, M. I.  Khan, M. Z. R. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (138KB) 

The Compact Modeling of Channel Potential in Sub-30-nm NAND Flash Cell String

Kang, M.  Lee, K.  Chae, D. H.  Park, B.-G.  Shin, H. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (384KB) 

Measurement of Source Resistance in Top-Contact Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Singh, V. K.  Agrawal, A. K.  Mazhari, B. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (249KB) 

Demystifying Surrogate Modeling for Circuits and Systems

Yelten, M.B.  Zhu, T.  Koziel, S.  Franzon, P.D.  Steer, M.B. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1492KB) 

Teaching Memory Circuit Elements via Experiment-Based Learning

Pershin, Y.V.  Ventra, M.D. 
Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1655KB) 

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