Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Free Keithley Web Seminar on Measurement

This seminar covers precision test and measurement applications for an emerging class of low cost (<$1000 USD) 6½-digit digital multimeters. Learn how to assemble a testing error budget for various applications for electronic devices and products. Examples include simple test programming to support automatic acquisition and evaluation of measurement data, as well as basic front panel operation.

By participating in this seminar, you will learn and understand:

  • How to establish a measurement accuracy budget for an application
  • How to account for central and parasitic sources of error
  • How to match your accuracy requirements with the appropriate DMM
  • How to calculate system test uncertainties and errors

This seminar is recommended for development and test engineers and scientists who need to make high precision electrical measurements using widely available, highly accurate 6½-digit DMMs.

About the Presenter:

Chuck Cimino is the Marketing Director for Multi-Application Instruments at Keithley Instruments, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. He joined Keithley Instruments in 1981 and has held many positions, including Test Engineer, Design Engineer, Project Manager, and Product Marketer.
The seminar will be broadcasted over the internet and requires your registration prior to the event.

When is it?

Europe: Thursday, September 13, 2007
15:00 Central European Time
(UTC/GMT: 13:00)

To register for this FREE webcast seminar click here.

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