Sunday, September 2, 2007

Primer Seminario en Nanoelectrónica y Diseño Avanzado 2007

A friend of mine (Francisco J. Garcia Sanchez) has sent me the announcement of the first Seminar on Nanoelectronics and Advanced Design to be held at the INAOE in Puebla, Mexico. Here you have the link:

The program is VERY interesting, with five stellar speakers, and, best of all, the admision is free...


Dr. Francisco J. Garcia Sanchez, /Universidad Simón Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela
De la Microelectrónica a la Nanoelectrónica: Una Visión de la Evolución de los Dispositivos Electrónicos.

Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty, /Duke University, USA
Modular Testing of Core-Based System-on-Chip Integrated Circuits.

Prof. Rajendra Singh, /Clemson University, South Carolina, USA
Nanotechnology and Pathways to Green Energy Conversion

Prof. Naveen K. Yanduru , /Design Manager, Texas Instruments, Inc. Dallas, Tx, USA
Front-ends in deep sub-micron CMOS with an example of a WCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE receiver front-end without inter-stage SAW filter in 90nm CMOS.

Dr. Mauricio Terrones, /Advanced Materials Department, IPICyT, San Luis Potosí, México.
Recent Advances on N-doped Carbon Nanotubes: Applications and Biocompatibility

For more information:
Dr. J. Alejandro Díaz
Tel y Fax: (222) 2470517

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