Thursday, January 18, 2007

Language of choice

I agree with the post from Marek Mierzwinski (below) from Tiburon Design Automation. Moreover, we people working on compact modelling should agree to use all the same language of choice. However, the nice thing about standards is having so many to choose from...

Anyway, there is a question I would like to point out: model development should be done in a language that allows easy integration with commercial simulators. Up to here, both Verilog and HDLs meet the requirements. However, the last step for a model (when it comes of age or it has been accepted by the community as the ideal model for a given device), must be to be implemented in a (many) simulator as a built-in option. In this case, obviously, implementation must be done in some lower-level language like C/C++/Fortran/etc... Otherwise, the simulator will be too sloooooowwwww to simulate large circuits.

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