Monday, January 22, 2007

A historical note

This post is a historical hint. This weekend I've been surfing the internet, and I've been looking for some pages on Spice history. Why Spice? Well, all of you know that if spice (or similar) didn't exist, then probably the semiconductor revolution wouldn't have taken place. The first link is to the wikipedia, where they put a quite extensive article about it, including even a list of commercial and free simulators. Only a little comment: In the list they include Eldo, and I think that I should note that, while Eldo is in fact a simulator, it is one of the few that is not Spice-based. Another link is to the page of ecircuitcenter, where they put quite the same information, but in the format of list, which is maybe clearer.

The basic facts about the name "Spice" are few: created as a class project by Larry Nagel (under supervision of Ron Rohrer) it was first called CANCER (Computer Analysis of Non-Linear Circuits Excluding Radiation), because of the time it was created. In 1972 (yes, that's before I was born...), the final name SPICE (Simulation Program with IC Emphasis) was introduced. And that's all about the name. Another day, I'll talk about other features of this simulator.

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