Monday, October 8, 2018

Michael Shur winning the 2018 IEEE EDS J.J. Ebers Award

Congratulations to Prof. Michael Shur for winning the 2018 IEEE EDS J.J. Ebers Award "For pioneering the concept of ballistic transport in nanoscale semiconductor devices"

Recent Winners of the J.J. Ebers Award
2017 - Kang L. Wang "For contributions and leadership in strained SiGe and magnetic memory technologies"
2016 - Jaroslav Hynecek "For the pioneering work and advancement of CCD and CMOS image sensor technologies"
2015 - Jack Yuan-Chen Sun "For sustained leadership and technical contributions to energy efficient foundry CMOS technologies"
2014 - Joachim N. Burghartz "For contributions to integrated spiral inductors for wireless communication ICs and ultra-thin silicon devices for emerging flexible electronics"
2013 - Nobukazu Teranishi "For development of the Pinned Photodiode concept widely used in Image Sensors”
2012 - Yuan Taur "For contributions to the advancement of several generations of CMOS process technologies"
2011 - Stuart Ross Wenham “For technical contributions and successful commercialization of high efficiency solar cells”
2010 - Mark E. Law “For contributions to widely used silicon integrated circuit process modeling”

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