Monday, January 16, 2017

[paper] Radiation-Induced Fault Simulation of SOI/SOS CMOS LSI’s Using Universal Rad-SPICE MOSFET Model

Radiation-Induced Fault Simulation of SOI/SOS CMOS LSI’s 
Using Universal Rad-SPICE MOSFET Model
Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Lev M. Sambursky, Igor A. Kharitonov, Boris G. Lvov
J Electron Test (2017)

Abstract: The methodology of modeling and simulation of environmentally induced faults in radiation hardened SOI/SOS CMOS IC’s is presented. It is realized at three levels: CMOS devices – typical analog or digital circuit fragments – complete IC’s. For this purpose, a universal compact SOI/SOS MOSFET model for SPICE simulation software with account for TID, dose rate and single event effects is developed. The model parameters extraction procedure is described in great depth taking into consideration radiation effects and peculiarities of novel radiation-hardened (RH) SOI/SOS MOS structures. Examples of radiation-induced fault simulation in analog and digital SOI/SOS CMOS LSI’s are presented for different types of radiation influence. The simulation results show the difference with experimental data not larger than 10–20% for all types of radiation.
The electrical schematics of SOS CMOS opamp and 4-bit counter are presented; two variants of either macromodel were used for body-tied partially-depleted transistors: a) core EKV-SOI/ BSIMSOI model; b) EKV-RAD/ BSIMSOI-RAD macromodel. [read more...]

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