Thursday, October 13, 2016

IEDM 2016 Session 7: Modeling and Simulation Advanced Numerical and Compact Models

IEDM 2016 Session 7

Monday, December 5, 1:30 p.m. Continental Ballroom 7-9 
Co-Chairs: Denis Rideau, STMicroelectronics 
Xing Zhou, Nanyang Technological University

1:35 PM 
7.1 A Novel Synthesis of Rent's Rule and Effective-Media Theory Predicts FEOL and BEOL Reliability of Self-Heated ICs, W. Ahn, H. Jiang, S.H. Shin and M. Alam, Purdue University

2:00 PM 
7.2 New Approach for Understanding "Random Device Physics" from Channel Percolation Perspectives: Statistical Simulations, Key Factors and Experimental Results, Z. Zhang, Z. Zhang, R. Wang, X. Jiang, S. Guo, Y. Wang, X. Wang*, B. Cheng*, A. Asenov* and R. Huang, Peking University, *Synopsys

2:25 PM 
7.3 Oxide-Based Analog Synapse: Physical Modeling, Experimental Characterization, and Optimization, B. Gao, H. Wu, J. Kang*, H, Yu**, H. Qian, Tsinghua University, *Peking University, **Southern University of Science and Technology

2:50 PM 
7.4 Extending the Bounds of Performance in E-mode p-channel GaN MOSHFETs, A. Kumar and M. De Souza, The University of Sheffield

3:15 PM 
7.5 NSP: Physical Compact Model for Stacked-planar and Vertical Gate-All-Around MOSFETs, O. Rozeau, S. Martinie, T. Poiroux, F. Triozon, S. Barraud, J. Lacord, Y.-M. Niquet*, C. Tabone, R. Coquand, E. Augendre, M. Vinet, O. Faynot, and J.-C. Barb, CEA-Leti, *CEA-INAC

3:40 PM 
7.6 A Physics-Based Compact Model for Material- and Operation-Oriented Switching Behaviors of CBRAM, Y. Zhao, J. Hu, P. Huang, F. Yuan*, Y. Chai*, X. Liu and J. Kang, Peking University, *The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

4:05 PM 
7.7 Multi-Domain Compact Modeling for GeSbTe-based Memory and Selector Devices and Simulation for Large-scale 3-D Cross-Point Memory Arrays, N. Xu, J. Wang, Y. Deng, Y. Lu, B. Fu, W. Choi, U. Monga*, J. Jeon*, J. Kim*, K.-H. Lee* and E. S. Jung*, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., *Samsung Electronics

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