Friday, May 27, 2016

4th Training Course on Compact Modeling

The 4th Training Course on Compact Modeling (TCCM) will take place in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) from June 27 to 28 2016.

The 4th TCCM is partially sponsored by the DOMINO EU H2020 project. It will consist a series of lectures conducted by prestigious researchers in the field of modeling of semiconductor devices, dealing with several issues related to the semiconductor device modeling, mostly compact/SPICE modeling. It is a very interesting event to PhD students and young researchers, but can interest senior researchers too. These lectures will be conducted by top experts in the field. 

No doubt the 4th TCCM will be useful to researchers working on compact modeling, but also to researchers working on circuit design, numerical modeling, device characterization and semiconductor device technology.

TCCM is organized by the Department of Electronic, Electrical and Automatic Control Engineering (DEEEiA) of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), in Tarragona. The General Chair of TCCM is Prof. Benjamin Iñiguez, who is also the Coordinator of the DOMINO project.

Invited TCCM Lecturers:

  • Morgan Madec (Univ of Strasbourg, France): Compact modeling for biological applications
  • Mansun Chan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): An Integrated Approach for Circuit Performance and Reliability Simulation
  • Mohammed Nawaz (ABB Sweden): Static and dynamic characterization of SiC based MOSFETs/IGBTs
  • Christoph Jungemann (RWTH-Aachen): TCAD and semiclassical device modeling
  • Antonio Cerdeira (CINVESTAV, Mexico): Model parameter extraction techniques
  • Fabrizio Torricelli (Univ. of Brescia, Italy): Modelling of Amorphous-Oxide-Semiconductors TFTs for large-area flexible electronics
  • Eugenio Cantatore (TU-Eindhoven): Application of compact models for organic circuit design
  • Ahmed Nejim (Silvaco): TCAD for compact model development
  • Firas Mohammed (Infiniscale): Mathematical and Semi-physical compact modeling for emerging technologies
  • Heinz Olaf Müller (Plastic Logic): Device simulation for Organic Electronics using Genius
  • Heidrun Alus (AdMOS GmbH, Germany): Modeling and experimental verification of mechanical stress effects in  ultra-thin Si MOSFET devices integrated into flexible packages
  • Benjamin Iñiguez: Compact modeling of AlGaN/gaN HEMT devices 

Besides, on June 29 1016, the  Workshop on Flexible Electronics (WFE) will take place in Tarragona, too. Attendees to TCCM who work on Flexible Electronics (not necessarily modeling) will have a chance to present recent results on their own. But WFE is open to all researchers.

Registration to both events is open. It is possible to register only to TCCM, or only to WFE or to both. It is quite cheap, in partular for students, and includes lunches, coffee breaks, and in the case of TCCM, a gala dinner.

Finally, on June 30-July 1 the Annual Graduate Student Meeting on Electronic Engineering will be held, consisting of plenary talks by prestigious researchers and student presentations. Registration is free.

Tarragona is about 100 Km south from Barcelona, on the coast (the so-called "Costa Daurada", Golden Coast). Traveling to Tarragona from Barcelona is easier. There are frequent direct buses between Tarragona and Barcelona Airport, and also frequent trains between Tarragona and Barcelona. Besides, from some European cities it is possible to fly to Reus Airport, which is about 10 Km from Tarragona.

Tarragona is one of the most  important hubs of tourism in Europe, not only because of the nice beaches around the city, but also because of its historical landmarks.. Tarragona was a very important city of the Roman Empire. In 2000 UNESCO committee officially declared the Roman archaeological complex of Tarraco (name of Tarragona during the Roman Empire) a World Heritage Site. This recognition is intended to help ensure the conservation of the monuments, as well as to introduce them to the broader international public.

I encourage researchers on semiconductor devices and circuit design to attend TCCM!

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