Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4th Training Course on Compact Modeling

 4th Training Course on Compact Modeling 
 in Tarragona on June 27-28 2016

The 4th TCCM is partially sponsored by the DOMINO H2020 project. It will consist a series of lectures conducted by prestigious researchers in the field of modeling of semiconductor devices, dealing with several issues related to the semiconductor device modeling, mostly compact/SPICE modeling. It is a very interesting event to PhD students and young researchers, but can interest senior researchers too.

Invited TCCM Lecturers:
  • Morgan Madec (Univ of Strasbourg, France): Compact modeling for biological applications
  • Mansun Chan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): An Integrated Approach for Circuit Performance and Reliability Simulation
  • Mohammed Nawaz (ABB Sweden): Static and dynamic characterization of SiC based MOSFETs/IGBTs
  • Christoph Jungemann (RWTH-Aachen): TCAD and semiclassical device modeling
  • Antonio Cerdeira (CINVESTAV, Mexico): Model parameter extraction techniques
  • Fabrizio Torricelli (Univ. of Brescia, Italy): Modelling of Amorphous-Oxide-Semiconductors TFTs for large-area flexible electronics
  • Eugenio Cantatore (TU-Eindhoven): Application of compact models for organic circuit design
  • Ahmed Nejim (Silvaco): TCAD for compact model development
  • Firas Mohammed (Infiniscale): Mathematical and Semi-physical compact modeling for emerging technologies
  • Heinz Olaf Müller (Plastic Logic): Device simulation for Organic Electronics using Genius
Besides, on June 29 1016, a Workshop on Flexible Electronics will be organized, too. Attendees to TCCM who work on Flexible Electronics (not necessarily modeling) will have a chance to present recent results on their own. 

Finally, on June 30-July 1 we will organize the Annual Graduate Student Meeting on Electronic Engineering, consisting of plenary talks by prestigious researchers and student presentations. 

[more about DOMINO H2020 project at ww.domino-rise.eu]

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