Friday, February 5, 2016

gEDA Edinburgh meetup - Saturday 6th February 2016

gEDA Edinburgh Meetup
Saturday 6th February 2016

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From: "Peter TB Brett"
Date: 3 Feb 2016 13:57
Subject: gEDA Edinburgh meetup - Saturday 6th February 2016 


Hi all,
There will be a UK meet-up and hack day this weekend.
  • Edinburgh, UK
    Saturday 6th of February
It'll be at my place, so if you want to come, send me a direct e-mail and I'll send details by private e-mail.

Sorry for the short notice. It's on Saturday so as not to conflict with the PCB hack day on Sunday.

Peter Clifton and I will both be there, and everybody else who can attend for all or some of the day will be welcome. We'll also be using the #geda channel on

If you use or develop free and open source system (FOSS) design and simulation software, you'd be welcome to attend!

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