Saturday, November 9, 2013

LETI Devices Workshop

The Churchill Hotel - 1914 Connecticut Ave. NW (across from the Hilton)
Washington D.C. 6-9 p.m on December 8, 2013

Inventing the future together: a stimulating discussion of our vision for silicon nanotechnologies in the next 10 years followed by a networking cocktail. Program is as follow:
  • Introduction (10min)
    Jean-RenĂ© Lequepeys; VP Silicon Components Division 
  • Lithography cost-effective solutions for 1X nodes (15min)
    Serge Tedesco; Lithography Program Manager 
  • 3D: Dream and reality (15 min)
    Mark Scannell; Senior Business Development Manager 
  • High-performance and reliable resistive memories embedded in advanced logic CMOS technologies (15min)
    Barbara de Salvo; Advanced Memories Fellow
  • M&NEMS platforms: an enabler for the next generation of sensors in consumer electronics (15min)
    Hugues Metras; VP Strategic Partnerships, North America
  • CMOS technologies: our most power efficient solution today and our vision toward 10nm node and beyond (15 min)
    Maud Vinet; Advanced CMOS Manager
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