Tuesday, June 11, 2013

EU Goal: Reach 20% World-Share in Chip Manufacturing by 2020

EU to spend € 10 billion to trigger € 100 billion investments — SEMI provides the platforms for our members to share critical implementation issues and actions to support the goals set by the EU [H. Kundert, president, SEMI Europe] 

The new European industrial strategy for micro- and nano-electronics, published on 23 May 2013, sets the framework for targeted investment across the electronics value and innovation chain. An Industrial Strategy Roadmap for Investment, to be developed by end 2013, will cover three complementary lines:
  • Transition to 450mm, expected to primarily benefit equipment and material manufacturers in Europe
  • “More than Moore” on 200mm and 300 mm
  • “More Moore” for ultimate miniaturization on 300mm wafers
Investment will be concentrated, focusing on Europe’s clusters of excellence in manufacturing and design (Grenoble, Dresden and Eindhoven-Leuven), but will also support partnerships and alliances across the value chain in Europe.

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