Friday, April 5, 2013

[mos-ak] CMC GaN HEMT Model Standardization Effort - Call for Candidate Models

Since its inception, the Compact Model Council (CMC) has collaborated to develop, maintain, and standardize compact models for widely used semiconductor components. CMC members have decided that gallium nitride (GaN) technology is important for their business and the CMC intends to develop its first standard GaN HEMT transistor model. More information about the CMC can be found in the attached document. The ability for the model to generalize from GaN to other III-V FETs would be a bonus but is not a requirement. After the CMC evaluates and standardizes a model for GaN HEMTs, the CMC may decide to extend this effort to all III-V FET/HEMT devices. We are currently soliciting candidate models for this standard.


GaN transistors are high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), a FET technology based on a heterojunction channel and a Schottky / Insulated / Junction (pGaN) gate. The primary applications for GaN transistors are for high voltage / high power devices to be used as for example as switches; and for high frequency / high power devices to be used for example in RF power amplifiers.


The CMC plans a three-phase process for identification and evaluation of candidate models. We currently have started Phase I which is a solicitation of available models which meet the fundamental requirements set forth in the attached Requirements Document. The GaN Subcommittee will review written proposals and request top candidates to present an overview of their model at a CMC Meeting. Candidates identified in Phase I which have sufficient support from CMC sponsors will be subjected to thorough testing in subsequent Phases. All developers submitting a proposed standard to CMC for adoption will read and accept the CMC Standard Model Copyright Policy.


The attached document lists the model requirements and various types of measurements that the model must reproduce. They include IV curves over various bias and temperature conditions, high frequency measurements, switching measurements, and time dependent measurements to characterize trapping effects. The attached check-list should be used to identify which requirements are or will be met by the candidate model.


After a set of candidate models is obtained, Phase II starts with a set of measured data against which the models will be evaluated. This technology has not yet been decided. At this point the CMC will need brief documentation outlining the list of measurements and the data. The details of how the GaN devices are being fabricated, nor the details of their internal structure, will be required. A minimum set of device physical dimensions would be needed in order to feed candidate models with meaningful parameters, such as channel length, channel width, gate to source/drain contact distance, etc. The CMC GaN FET subcommittee will review the proposed measurement data and will determine which data set(s) will be used for model evaluation. It is possible that data from more than one source will be retained for the model evaluation, to cover an as wide as possible range of applications.


If you are aware of any organization willing to contribute, please forward this document, or contact the GaN FET subcommittee chair, Samuel Mertens (samuel_mertens(at) Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about the standardization process or the CMC.

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