Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Senior Research Engineer - MEMS circuits

Electro-mechanical computing has recently emerged as a very promising solution for ultra-low-power and high temperature circuit applications. The candidate will be responsible of the development of nano-electromechanical components for computation applications (logic and memory devices). This research will include device physics and modeling, design, fabrication in the IME cleanroom and characterization of electro-mechanical devices and circuits. Reliability and failure testing of memory arrays will be conducted.

PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Material Sciences. Hands-on experience on wafer level MEMS related works, including microfabrication process and work in a cleanroom environment. Familiar with electrical measurement techniques (device and memory arrays). Strong interest for MEMS multi-physics modeling. Excellent communication skills and teamwork with strong self-motivation. Interaction with industrial/academic partners expected.

Please contact Dr Vincent Pott for more information.

Position to remain open until a candidate is selected (apply online).

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