Monday, September 13, 2010

OLED simulation software

I'm copying here the press release (it must be takes as such, cum grano salis)

sim4tec announces the release of new version 3.0 of its OLED simulation software SimOLED.
New features include:
  • Enhanced powerful graphical representation of results - line and contour plots
  • Electronic, excitonic and optic module seamlessly combined
  • Faster calculation speed
  • Additional results for current, power, quantum efficiencies, CIE diagram and many more
  • Updated graphical user interface
A special highlight is the combination of our well-proven and reliable electronic module with the excitonic and optic modules. This allows users to simulate voltage-dependent optical quantities like the colour maintenance of white OLEDs.
The software is ideally suited for conducting basic research, arbitrary OLED stack design, material parameter extraction and process window identification. Included in the software is an in-depth tutorial containing more than 20 examples, ranging from simple single layer devices up to white hybrid OLEDs.

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