Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arana Behavioral Modeling Platform (as of Sept. 2010)

I copy part of the press release (by the way, the link in their home page doesn't work...):

Arana platform automates the process of behavioral model creation, generation, optimization, and validation for analog, custom digital, memory and mixed-signal integrated circuits. It features Arana Top-Down Designer, Arana Bottom-Up Designer, Arana Model Optimizer, and Arana Model Validator.

Arana Top-Down Designer supports behavioral model creation from specification or from templates, as well as automated calibration of model parameters against the transistor response and/or measurement data. Arana Bottom-Up Designer allows a circuit designer to automatically generate silicon-faithful parametric behavioral models—accounting for process, voltage, temperature, and loading variations—for functional verification.

Both Arana Bottom-Up Designer and Top-Down Designer support hierarchical modeling and automated generation of formal analog assertions and model test benches. Arana Model Optimizer and Model Validator optimize and validate behavioral models against transistor level responses and characterization and/or measurement data.


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