Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Accelicon announces Context Dependent Modeling Platform

I copy a part of the original post:

Accelicon Technologies, Inc. announces the market’s first commercially available Context Dependent Modeling Platform based on Accelicon’s flagship device modeling solution MBP. The performance of FETs can vary significantly, at advanced process nodes, due to layout dependent proximity effects. Sources of LDEs include Well Proximity Effect (WPE), lithography distortions, un-intentional stress sources such as Shallow Trench Isolation (LOD Effect) and intentional stressors which are used to enhance the performance of the device. These enhancement techniques include dual-stress liners, embedded SiGe and stress memorization techniques. At advanced process nodes engineers must analyze LDEs to minimize undesirable proximity effects and lithography distortions, and effectively utilize stress enhancement techniques. This analysis can only be conducted after layout extraction, SPICE modeling alone is not sufficient. 

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Accelicon announces Context Dependent Modeling Platform

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