Friday, July 17, 2009

Organic semiconductor researchers honoured by Institute of Physics

From the OSADirect Newsleter:

The 2009 Faraday Medal, one of the Institute's three gold medals, has been awarded to Professor Donal Bradley FRS for his pioneering work in the field of plastic electronics. Professor Bradley who holds the Lee Lucas Chair in Experimental Physics, is Director of the newly established Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial.

Professor Bradley's research focuses on optimising plastic semiconductors for use in a wide range of electronic devices, with applications spanning displays, lighting, electronics, solar energy, communications and medical diagnostics.

Professor Bradley said, "What a wonderful way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of conjugated polymer LEDs - a discovery that helped to launch plastic electronics on the path to its present day vibrancy as an academic research field with great commercial potential. I am delighted to have been able to walk that path in the company of so many talented students, postdoctoral researchers and academic and industrial colleagues – this award recognises the fruits of a great many, very enjoyable collaborative interactions."

Professor Jenny Nelson has been awarded the Joule Medal. Prof. Nelson is currently working on the use of molecular or 'plastic' electronic materials in solar cells, in order to reduce the cost of solar electricity. Once the basic properties of the materials are properly understood, design rules can be developed for new materials and types of device with better performance.

Professor Nelson said, "I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive the Joule Medal for our research into photovoltaic materials. I'm delighted that both the importance of the subject and my own group's contribution to it have been recognised in this way."

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