Friday, May 29, 2009

Organic, Molecular and Nanostructured Electronics - Physics and Technology

Date: June 8-12, 2009 | Continuing Education Units

Description: This course will review basic concepts underlying the design, fabrication, and operation of three dominant types of organic electronic devices: light emitting devices (OLEDs), photosensitive devices (solar cells and photodetectors), and field effect transistors (OFETs). We will also discuss, but devote less time to, organic lasers, organic memories, and chemical sensors. The course aims to present a broad and practical survey of the field and to immerse you in the broad field of organic materials. As a sub-class of nanostructured solids, organic thin films exemplify challenges of the practical nanotechnologies. Many concepts presented in the class are directly transferable to a broader field of nanostructured materials.

Instructors: Professors Vladimir Bulovic and Marc Baldo of the MIT Laboratory of Organic Optics and Electronics.


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