Friday, May 29, 2009

International Summer School MOMiNE 2009

International Summer School on Modelling and Optimization in Micro- and Nano- Electronics - MOMiNE Italy Sept. 2009: The aim of the School is to stimulate intensive transfer of knowledge and discussion on modeling and optimization of electronic circuits and devices, by presenting the latest developments, insights, methods, algorithms and ideas in these areas of research, providing also indications for future research directions. An important aspect is the involvement of researchers working for industries, which can provide a more timely indication of the most relevant up-to-date problems encountered in real industrial environments.

The International Summer School MOMINE 2009 will be held from 31/08 to 12/09 at:

Grand Hotel San Michele
Località: Bosco 8/9, 87022 Cetraro (Cosenza), Italy
Phone: (+39) 0982 91012 Fax: (+39) 0982 91430


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