Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The SINANO-NANOSIL Workshop will take place in Edinburgh on September 19th, 2008, during the ESSDERC-ESSCIRC Conference.

This Workshop, continuation of the former SINANO Workshop, is a very valuable discussion forum in the area of nanoelectronics devices. The SINANO-NANOSIL Workshop is supported by the SINANO Institute, which is a new European entity created by the main laboratories of the European academic community working in nanoelectronics, and by the European Network of Excellence NANOSIL which targets Silicon-based Nanodevices and is funded by the European Commission for the 7th Framework Programme, from 2008 to 2011. The former SINANO Workshop was funded by the prebvious Network of Excellence, called SINANO.

The program of the SINANO-NANOSIL Workshop consists of several presentations given by a number of representatives of NANOSIL partners:

9:00 New channel materials for ultimate CMOS
Siegfried Mantl (Institut für Bio- und Nanosysteme, Forschungszentrum Juelich)

9:30 Innovative device architectures for Nanoscale CMOS
Nadine Collaert (IMEC)

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Comparative analysis of Stress-induced performance enhancement in NMOS and PMOS transistors
David Esseni (Udine University)

11:00 Characterization methods for Nanodevices
Sorin Cristoloveanu (IMEP)

11:30 Emerging Nanotechnology for integration of Nanostructures in Nanoelectronic devices
Thierry Baron (LTM)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Small Slope Switches
Adrian Ionescu (EPFL)

14:00 3D Multichannels and stacked Nanowires Technologies
Thomas Ernst (LETI)

14:30 Carbon Nanotube - Silicon heterojunctions for Nanoelectronics and Nanosensors
Jimmy Xu (Brown University)

15:00 Atomic functionalities in Silicon devices: go beyond the FET by using single dopants and artificial silicon atoms
Marc Sanquer (INAC)

15:30 End of the Workshop

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