Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HiSIM model included in another simlator

Magma FineSim SPICE Supports STARC HiSIM Model with Proven 20x Faster Circuit Simulation and Nearly Exact Correlation to Silicon. Or so they say in their web. See the full press release for more details. However, I love one of the sentences: "STARC's mission is to contribute to the growth of the Japanese semiconductor industry by developing leading-edge system-on-a-chip (SoC) design technologies.". Well, I would think that their primary mission is creating value for they investors, but one never knows. Now seriously, it is good to see that people is beginning to provide support (or implementations) of HiSIM. I only hope that foundries will follow the path, instead of being stuck with good (well, perhaps not so much), old (yes it is) BSIM3.1. I know this is a version of many years ago, but I can promise you that I've been playing with a 120nm technology using it.

By the way, by the moment it seems that more people is implementing HiSIM than PSP... curious, isn't it?

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