Monday, January 29, 2007

About the ITC'07 in Rome

Well, it has been a little bit disappointing, because though there were near 100 works, only four of them were on compact modeling. However, the rest of all has been very interesting, and I've learn more than I ever wanted to know about fabrication processes...
Once everything is added up, I'd like to point out some papers: one of Plastic Logic, Ltd where they were presenting statistics about defects in their fabricated circuits (panels), and another from Canon and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The latter was about parameter dispersion on TFT, one thing I believe to be quite forgotten about in compact modeling and very (VERY) important for design. The paper is good, but it lets out many things (effects of separation, orientation, mismatch in size, correlations among variations, etc...) However, it is a good start.

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