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[mos-ak] [2nd Announcement and Call for Papers] 3rd Sino MOS-AK Workshop Peking, June 14-16 2018

Arbeitskreis Modellierung von Systemen und Parameterextraktion 
Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group
3rd Sino MOS-AK Workshop
Peking, June 14-16 2018

Together with the Honorary Committee Chair, Yan Wang, Tsinghua Universitylocal organization team and International MOS-AK Board of R&D Advisers as well as all the Extended MOS-AK TPC Committee, we have pleasure to invite to the 3rd Sino MOS-AK Compact/SPICE Modeling Workshop which will be organized at Tsinghua University between June 14-16, 2018.

Planned 3rd Sino MOS-AK Workshop aims to strengthen a network and discussion forum among experts in the field, enhance open platform for information exchange related to compact/SPICE modeling and Verilog-A standardization, bring academic and industrial experts in the compact modeling field together, as well as obtain feedback from technology developers, circuit designers, and CAD/EDA tool developers and vendors. 

Tsinghua University FIT building, close to Tsinghua Unisplendour International Center

Topics to be covered include the following among other related to the compact/SPICE modeling and its Verilog-A standardization:
  • Compact Modeling (CM) of the electron devices
  • Advances in semiconductor technologies and processing
  • Verilog-A language for CM standardization
  • New CM techniques and extraction software
  • Open Source TCAD/EDA modeling and simulation
  • CM of passive, active, sensors and actuators
  • Emerging Devices, TFT, CMOS and SOI-based memory cells
  • Microwave, RF device modeling, high voltage device modeling
  • Nanoscale CMOS devices and circuits
  • Technology R&D, DFY, DFT and reliability/ageing IC Designs
  • Foundry/Fabless Interface Strategies
SpeakersInvited talks tentative listing (alphabetic order)
  • Prof. Mansun Chan; Compact Models for Giga-Scale Memory System
  • Dr. Axel Huelsmann; mHEMT based MMICs, Modules, and Systems for mmWave Applications
  • Dr.-Ing. Franz Sischka; Successful and Verified RF Measurements for Device Modeling
  • Dr. Lifeng Wu; A Full Design Flow Solution for OLED Flat Panel Display
  • Dr. Pete Zampardi; Understanding Gaps in III-V HBT Modeling and Simulation
Important Dates: 
  • Call for Papers - March 2018
  • 2nd Announcement - April 2018
  • Final Workshop Program - May 2018
  • MOS-AK Workshop - June 14-16 2018
    • Day 1: MOS-AK Tutorial Day
    • Day 2: MOS-AK SPICE/Verilog-A Modeling Workshop
    • Day 3: MOS-AK SPICE/Verilog-A Modeling Workshop
Online Abstract Submission is open 
(any related enquiries can be sent to abstract@mos-ak.org)
Manuscript submission deadline: 28th May 2018 (Monday)
Notification of Acceptance: 4th June 2018 (Monday)
Submission of final manuscript: 11th June 2018 (Monday)

Online Workshop Registration is open 
(any related enquiries can be sent to registration@mos-ak.org)

Postworkshop IJHSES Publications:
Selected best MOS-AK technical presentation will be recommended for further publication in a special issue of the International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems

International MOS-AK Committee:
  • Honorary Committee Chair
    • Yan Wang, Tsinghua University
  • Advisory Committee
    • George Ponchak, T-MTT Editor
    • Yuhua Cheng, PKU
  • Organizing Committee General Co-Chairs:
    • Min Zhang, XMOD Technologies
    • Wladek Grabinski, MOS-AK (EU)
  • Finance Chair:
    • Li Zhang, Tsinghua University
  • Publication Chair: 
    • Wladek Grabinski, MOS-AK (EU)
  • Awards Committee Chair:
    • Zhiping Yu, Stanford University
  • Sponsorship Chair:
    • Li Zhang, Tsinghua University
    • Min Zhang, XMOD Technologies
  • Exhibition Chair:
    • Jin Chen, SIMIT
    • Kai Lv, NUS
  • Local Arrangements Chair:
    • Wenfei Hu, Tsinghua University
  • Publicity:
    • Sen Yin, Tsinghua  University
  • Workshop Secretary:
    • Li Zhang
    • Office: +86 010 62771733; 
    • Mobile: +86 138 01302877
    • Email: zhangli95@tsinghua.edu.cn
Extended MOS-AK Committee

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