Friday, April 20, 2018

Book Performance Report 2017/18

(as of April 2018)

POWER/HVMOS Devices Compact Modeling
Editors: Grabinski, Wladyslaw, Gneiting, Thomas (Eds.)
ISBN 978-90-481-3046-7 (ebook)
ISBN 978-90-481-3045-0 (print book)

Availability of and results for eBook

Since its online publication on February 25, 2010, there has been a total of 5,796 chapter downloads for eBook on SpringerLink. The table to the right shows the download figures for the last year(s).
  • In addition to the collections, Springer eBooks are available for individual use from our web shop. The book can be ordered/downloaded directly from its home page. 
  • MyCopy: book is available as a MyCopy version, which is a unique service that allows library patrons to order a personal, printed-on-demand softcover edition of an eBook for just $/€24.99. 
  • To further widen the distribution of eBook, it has also been made available in the following shop(s):
    Amazon Kindle Shop
    Apple iTunes
    Google play
eBooks reach a broad readership and provide global visibility for the book.

Spreading the word about the book

To present the book POWER/ HVMOS Devices Compact Modeling to its potential readers and make it findable by search engines, it has its own home page, which can be shared through social media and where you can download a flyer for the book! In 2017 this page was visited 112 times. 
  • The book has been announced by the New Book Alert, our largest customer emailing. 
  • Journal editors, journalists or bloggers can request a free Online Review Copy of the book from its home page. This online service makes it especially easy for them to write a review. All potencial, reviews can be an excellent way to boost a book’s visibility in the relevant communities and raise reader interest!
Year Chapter Downloads
2017 766
2016 843
2015 912
2014 1,333
2013 658
2012 420
2011 401
2010 463

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