Monday, August 7, 2017


Tenth International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICCDCS 2017)

June 5-7 2017, Cozumel, México
08:00 to 9:00RegistrationRegistrationRegistration 
08:45 to 9:00Opening Ceremony
09:00 to 10:00Key Note 1: "Adaptive Heterogenous Multi-Core Technologies- Intelligent, Interconnected and Integrated Cyber-Physical Systems (I3CPS)"Jürgen BeckerKey Note 3: "The Life and Times of Eugeni García"Benjamín ÍñiguezKey Note 6: "On the Extraction Methods for MOSFET Series Resistance and Mobility Degradation using a Single Test Device",Adelmo Ortiz Conde
10:00 to 10:30BreakBreakBreak
10:30 to 12:30Session 1Session 3Session 5
10:30 to 10:50"Model Based Photopic Electroretinogram Source Separation: A Multiresolution Analysis Approach"Prashanth Chetlur Adithya, Alaql Abdulrahman, Radouil Tzekov, Ravi Sankar and Wilfrido Moreno"A Programmable CMOS Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator for Radio-Frequency Diathermy On-chip Circuit"Antonio Corres- Matamoros, Esteban Martinez-Guerrero and Jose E. Rayas-Sanchez"Health Index Assessment for Power Transformers with Thermal Upgraded Paper up to 230kV, Using Fuzzy Inference. Part II: A Sensibility Analysis"Diego Chacón, Juan Pablo Lata and Ricardo Medina
10:50 to 11:10"Analytical Model Parameter Determination for Microwave On-Chip Inductors up to the Second Resonant Frequency"José Valdés Rayón, Reydezel Torres and Roberto Murphy"A logarithmic CMOS image sensor with wide output voltage swing range"Fernando Campos, Mário Bordon, Marcelo Silva and Jacobus Swart"Implementation Model Using a Hippocratic Protocol in Mobile Terminals with NFC Technology"Carlos Kowalevicz, Jose Pirrone Puma and Monica Huerta
11:10 to 11:30"Energy Consumption Improvement based on Distance Adaptive Modulation in Optical Elastic Network"Sabi Bandiri, Rafael Braga, Tales Pimenta and Danilo Spadoti"Improving Magnitude Response in Two-Stage Corrector Comb Structure"Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek and Lyda Herrera Sepulveda"Internet of Things as an Attack Vector to Critical Infrastructures of Cities"Pablo Leonidas Gallegos-Segovia, Jack Fernando M. Larios-Rosillo and Erwin Jairo Sacoto-Cabrera
11:30 to 11:50"Switching Region Analysis for SOTB Technology"Carlos Cortes Torres, Nobuyuki Yamasaki and Hideharu Amano"Analysis of the influence of the buffer layer in the characteristic impedance of electro-optic modulators"Ana Gabriela Correa Mena, Luis Alejandro González Mondragón, Leidy Johana Quinteros Rodríguez, José Valdés Rayón and Ignacio Enrique Zaldívar Huerta"Sensors for Parkinson's Disease Evaluation"Raquel Torres, Monica Huerta, Ricardo Gonzalez, Roger Clotet and Juan Pablo Bermeo
11:50 to 12:10"Scalable Models to Represent the Via-Pad Capacitance and Via-Traces Inductance in Multilayer PCB High-Speed Interconnects"Abraham Isidoro Muñoz, Miguel Angel Tlaxcalteco Matus, Reydezel Torres Torres and Gaudencio Hernandez Sosa"Impact of neglecting the metal losses on the extraction of the relative permittivity from PCB transmission line measurements"Erika Yazmin Teran Bahena and Reydezel Torres Torres"QoS Evaluation of VPN in a Raspberry Pi devices over Wireless Network"Luis Caldas, Juan Jara and Mónica Huerta
12:10 to 12:30"Implementation of a Reconfigurable Neural Network in FPGA"Janaina Oliveira, Robson Moreno, Odilon Dutra and Tales Pimenta"Reconfigurable FIR Filter Coefficient Optimization in Post-Silicon Validation to Improve Eye Diagram for Optical Interconnects",Ismael Duron-Rosales, Francisco E. Rangel-Patino, Jose E. Rayas-Sanchez, Jose L. Chavez-Hurtado and Nagib Hakim"A Proposed Digital Predistorter Based on NLMS and PSO Algorithms"Omar Alngar, Walid El-Deeb and El-Sayed El-Rabaie
12:30 to 15:00LunchLunchClosing remarks
15:00 to 16:00Key Note 2: "Following the Path of 3D Integration"Malgorzata Chrzanowska-JeskeKey Note 4: “Modeling and Verification of Heterogeneous Systems”Filipe Vinci
16:00 to 16:15BreakPoster Introduction*
16:15 to 17:55Session 2Session 4
16:15 to 16:35"MRAM control Transistor Resilience against Heavy-Ion Impacts", Walter Enrique Calienes Bartra, Raphael Brum, Guilherme Flach and Ricardo ReisBreak w/poster session (16:15 to 17:00)
16:35 to 16:55"A Charge-controlled Memristor Model for Image Edge Detection with a Memristive Grid"Arturo Sarmiento and Yojanes Rodríguez-Velásquez
16:55 to 17:15"Characterization and modelling of Ag/TiO2/ITO devices exhibiting bipolar memristive properties", Jesús Jiménez-León, Arturo Sarmiento, Carlos De La Cruz Blas and Cristina Gomez-Polo
17:15 to 17:35"Assessing the accuracy of the open, short and open-short de-embedding methods for on-chip transmission line s-parameters measurements"Juan Garcia Santos and Reydezel TorresKey Note 5: (17:00 to 18:00) "Innovation by ASIC design and emerging substream markets"Jacobus Swart
17:35 to 17:55"Evaluation of Interconnects Based on Electromigration Criteria and Circuit Performance"Rafael Nunes, Roberto Orio and Jacobus Swart
19:00Welcome Cocktail
19:30Conference Banquet
Poster Session:
"Differentiated synchronization plus FHIR a solution for EMR's Ecosystem", Roger Clotet, Emilio Hernández and Monica Karel Huerta
"Design and Validation of a Portable Radio-Frequency Diathermy Prototype", Antonio Corres-Matamoros, Esteban Martinez-Guerrero and Jose E. Rayas-Sanchez
"Stimulating social interaction among elderly people through sporadic social networks", Jorge Osmani Ordoñez-Ordoñez, Jack Fernando Bravo-Torres, Oscar David Sari-Villa, Esteban Fernando Ordoñez-Morales, Martín López-Nores and Yolanda Blanco-Fernández
"Sensing Climatic Variables in a Orchid Greenhouse", Luis Fernandez, Mónica Huerta, Giovanni Sagbay, Roger Clotet and Angel Soto
"Low cost system for monitoring physiological signals using FPGA and Android Tablet", J. Bucheli, D. Rivas, J. Gavilema, D. Mullo, J. L. Carrillo, M. Huerta

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