Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Germany’s RWTH Aachen University and AMO launch joint Aachen Graphene & 2D-Materials Center

RWTH Aachen University and AMO GmbH in Germany have launched a new joint research center with a focus on efficiently bridging the gap between fundamental science and applications within graphene and related materials-based electronics and photonics.
Sharing the vision of bringing graphene and related materials research from the lab into applications, the five founding principal investigators of the Aachen Graphene and 2D-Materials Center (who are also all members of the EU-funded Graphene Flagship project) are professor Christoph Stampfer (of RWTH, and spokesman for the center), professor Max Lemme (of AMO and RWTH), professor Markus Morgenstern (of RWTH), professor Renato Negra (of RWTH) and Dr Daniel Neumaier (of AMO).
“The center will help to turn the exciting properties of graphene and 2D [two-dimensional] materials into true functions, making these materials not only fascinating for scientists but also serving society,” said Christoph Stampfer following the center’s kick-off meeting on 24 July. “With the Aachen Graphene and 2D-Material Center, we aim at increasing the visibility of Aachen as an excellent place to undertake graphene and 2D material research with both a fundamental and applied focus.”
The center enables the integration of the already ongoing work from RWTH Aachen University and AMO under a legal framework that allows for full collaboration between the groups. In particular, the center will focus on addressing the challenges of future technology including high-frequency electronics, flexible electronics, energy-efficient sensing, photonics as well as spintronics and valleytronics with graphene and related materials and their heterostructures.
Founding Members of the Aachen Graphene and 2D Materials Center:
  • Prof. Christoph Stampfer, RWTH Aachen University (Spokesman)
  • Prof. Max Lemme, RWTH Aachen University/AMO GmbH
  • Prof. Markus Morgenstern , RWTH Aachen University
  • Prof. Renato Negra, RWTH Aachen University
  • Dr. Daniel Neumaier, AMO GmbH

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