Thursday, June 22, 2017

[paper] Design Strategies for Ultralow Power 10nm FinFETs

Design Strategies for Ultralow Power 10nm FinFETs
Abhijeet Walkeaa, Garrett Schlenvogtbb, Santosh Kurinecaa
aDepartment of Electrical & Microelectronic Engineering, RIT, New York, USA
bTCAD Application Engineer, Silvaco

Received 12 June 2017, Accepted 19 June 2017, Available online 20 June 2017

Abstract: In this work, new design strategies for 10nm node NMOS bulk FinFET transistors are investigated to meet low power (LP) (20pA/μm< IOFF <50pA/μm) and ultralow power (ULP) (IOFF <20pA/μm) requirements using three dimensional (3D) TCAD simulations. The punch-through stop implant, source and drain junction placement and gate workfunction are varied in order to study the impact on the OFF-state current (IOFF), transconductance (gm), gate capacitance (Cgg) and intrinsic frequency (fT). It is shown that the gate length of 20nm for the 10nm node FinFET can meet the requirements of LP transistors and ULP transistors by source-drain extension engineering, punch-through stop doping concentration, and choice of gate workfunction.

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