Thursday, February 9, 2017

[Book] Low-power HF Microelectronics: a unified approach

Low-power HF Microelectronics: a unified approach 
ISBN: 9780852968741 e-ISBN: 9781849193610
Editor: Gerson A. S. Machado
Department of Electronic Engineering
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
London, UK
Front Matter
1 Low-power HF microelectronics: a unified approach
Part 1: Process technology
2 Device structures and device simulation techniques
3 Stanford's ultra-low-power CMOS technology and applications
4 SOI technology
5 Radiation effects on ICs and a mixed analog CMOS-NPN-PJFET-on-insulator technology
Part 2: Device modelling/characterisation and circuit simulation
6 Modelling and characterisation of GaAs devices
7 The EKV Model: a MOST Model Dedicated to Low-Current and Low-Voltage Analogue Circuit Design and Simulation
8 Non-linear dynamic modelling of RF bipolar transistors
9 APLAC - object-oriented circuit simulator and design tool
10 Noise coupling in mixed-signal ASICs
Part 3: Reliability and test
11 Robust design and reliability analysis
12 Dynamic reliability of systems
13 Fault modelling and simulation for the test of integrated analog and mixed-signal circuits
Part 4: Circuit and system design methodology
14 High-speed and low-power techniques in CMOS and BiCMOS
15 Ultra-low-power digital design
16 Matched delay technique for high-speed digital design
17 Statistical design and optimisation for high-yield BiCMOS analog circuits
18 Design considerations for high-speed amplifiers using complementary BJTs
19 S2I techniques for analog sampled-data signal processing
20 Design of wireless portable systems
21 Low-power radio-frequency ICs and system architectures for portable communications
22 Analog and digital CMOS design for spread-spectrum wireless communications
23 Design considerations for BJT active mixers
24 Distortion in short channel FET circuits
25 Intelligent sensor systems and smart sensors: concepts, focus points and technology
26 Intelligent sensor systems and smart sensors: applications
Back Matter

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