Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Open Source License Compliance bei Embedded-Systemen

Open Source License Compliance bei Embedded-Systemen 
( Kompaktseminar, ESE Kongress 2016, in Sindelfingen )
Referent: Dr. Till Jaeger, JBB Rechtsanwälte
Zeit: 28.11.16 09:00-12:30

Abstract: When using Linux and other open source software (OSS), the license terms of the GPL and other open source licenses must be adhered to. As license violations lead directly to copyright infringements, appropriate compliance measures are necessary. The compact seminar presents the essential requirements for a compliance process based on the OpenChain Initiative. OpenChain aims at an international standard for suppliers using OSS in your products.

  1. What is Open Source Software?
  2. How does the open source license model work?
  3. Legal consequences of violation of OSS license terms
  4. How is it ensured that the use of OSS is known and which licensing conditions are affected?
  5. The Copyleft (1): When must self-development be released again as OSS?
  6. Copyleft (2): Verification of license compatibility between different OSS licenses
  7. Process to comply with sales obligations (for example, source code offer, co-delivery license texts)
  8. Methods of quality control

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