Thursday, October 6, 2016

100 reads: Compact Device Modeling using Verilog-AMS and ADMS

Article reached 100 reads: Compact device modeling using Verilog-AMS and ADMS
Lemaitre L · Grabiński W · McAndrew C
Abstract: This paper shows how high level language as Verily-AMS can serve as support for compact modeling development of new devices. First section gives a full Verily-AMS code of a simplified bipolar transistor. Each part of the code is carefully examined and explained. Second section compared different implementations if the simplified bipolar transistor in different spice simulators. ADMS, an open-source tool developed at Motorola, performs the implementations from Verily-AMS to simulators. Third sections concludes the paper by describing by implementation of the EKV model into ADS using the compact model interface provided by Agilent.
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