Friday, February 19, 2016

[video] How to Model RF Passive Devices: Spiral Inductors

How to Model RF Passive Devices: Spiral Inductors

With increasing operating frequencies, the modeling of passive components becomes increasingly important, and there exist no ready-to-use models for inductors, resistors, capacitors etc. Based on the other video of this fundamental device modeling series, (How to Model RF Capacitors and Resistors), this video extends the topic to modeling RF Spiral Inductors. It explains how to develop a Spice model based on verified S-Parameter measurements. Applying an easy to follow, step by step procedure, the video walks you through the entire modeling flow for on-wafer inductors, using the Keysight Measurement and Modeling Software IC-CAP.

The IC-CAP project (modeling spiral inductors with and without metal-1 shielding) can be downloaded together with a detailed pdf explaining the steps demonstrated in the video.

To download the project files referred to in this video visit:
Published on Feb 11, 2016

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