Sunday, March 8, 2015

[BOOK] FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design Using the BSIM-CMG Standard

 FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design Using the BSIM-CMG Standard
 Yogesh Singh Chauhan, Darsen Lu, Sriramkumar Venugopalan, Sourabh Khandelwal, Juan Pablo Duarte, Navid Paydavosi, Ai Niknejad, Chenming Hu

DESCRIPTIONThis book is the first to explain FinFET modeling for IC simulation and the industry standard – BSIM-CMG - describing the rush in demand for advancing the technology from planar to 3D architecture, as now enabled by the approved industry standard. The book gives a strong foundation on the physics and operation of FinFET, details aspects of the BSIM-CMG model such as surface potential, charge and current calculations, and includes a dedicated chapter on parameter extraction procedures, providing a step-by-step approach for the efficient extraction of model parameters.

  • Learn how to do FinFET modeling using the BSIM-CMG standard from the experts
  • Authored by the lead inventor and developer of FinFET, and developers of the BSIM-CMG standard model, providing an experts’ insight into the specifications of the standard
  • The first book on the industry-standard FinFET model - BSIM-CMG
With this book you will learn:
  • Why you should use FinFET
  • The physics and operation of FinFET
  • Details of the FinFET standard model (BSIM-CMG)
  • Parameter extraction in BSIM-CMG
  • FinFET circuit design and simulation

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