Thursday, February 12, 2015

[1st announcement] #SIXHackathon 20-21 March 2015 in Zurich (CH)

 #SIXHackathon 20-21 March 2015 in Zurich (CH)
 [1st announcement] 

Are you interested in the financial technology sector (FinTech)? Are you on the lookout for a challenge? Then take part in SIX's Hackathon in Zurich 20 - 21 March 2015 and rub shoulders with one of the financial sector's leading IT companies for 30 hours.

What you can expect
Fun, challenging questions, exciting data sets, new ideas, networking opportunities, an exchange with like-minded people; people interested in FinTech and employees from SIX who are also participating.

What you have to do
SIX will provide you with data and APIs (interface information) from FinTech. You will work in small teams. The aim is to present an expert jury with a prototype or a concept after 30 hours. You can either select a topic freely or take inspiration from one of the workshops on big data in the financial technology sector and payment solutions. You will be competing against around 100 participants.

Who is eligible to take part
In principle, any student aged over 18 at a Swiss university or university of applied science and all SIX employees are eligible to take part. Participants must have an affinity and a relevant skill-set in the areas of software development, graphic or interface design, marketing, project management or similar.

Why it’s worth to participate
You will have the opportunity to prove your skills using real-life problems and present your ideas to an expert jury. Furthermore, SIX is searching for new talents – depending on your background, successful Hackathon participants could be offered a permanent position or a traineeship at SIX.


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