Thursday, August 8, 2013

[mos-ak] [Final Program] 11th MOS-AK ESSDERC ESSCIRC Workshop with the keynote speaker Larry Nagel

Together with Prof. Andrei Vladimirescu, R&D Scientific Coordinator, the Organizing Committee and Extended MOS-AK/GSA TPC Committee, we have pleasure to invite to the 11th consecutive MOS-AK ESSDERC ESSCIRC Workshop on Sept. 20, 2013 in Bucharest (RO). The event will open next decade of enabling compact modeling R&D exchange.  

The final workshop program as well as all further details and updates are on-line: <

- with regards - WG (for the MOS-AK/GSA Committee

MOS-AK Workshop Program

 9:00 - 12:00Morning Session - Chair: Prof. Andrei Vladimirescu, ISEP (F); UCB (USA)
O_1 Welcome and Workshop Opening
W. Grabinski
MOS-AK Group (EU)
T_2 SPICE - MOS-AK Keynote
Larry Nagel
Omega Enterprises Consulting (USA)
T_3 NGSPICE: recent progresses and future plans
Paolo Nenzi*, Francesco Lannutti*, Robert Larice**, Holger Vogt**, Dietmar Warning**
*DIET - Sapienza University of Roma (I), ** NGSPICE Development Team
T_4 KCL and Linear/NonLinear Separation in NGSPICE
Francesco Lannutti
DIET - Sapienza University of Roma (I) and NGSPICE Development Team

Coffee Break
T_5 Modeling Junction Less FETs
Jean-Michel Sallese, Farzan Jazaeri, Lucian Barbut
T_6 HiSIM-Compact Modeling Framework
Hans Juergen Mattausch
Uni. Hiroshima (J)
P_7 The Correct Account of Nonzero Differential Conductance in the Saturation Regime in the MOSFET Compact Model
Valentin Turin*, Gennady Zebrev**, Sergey Makarov***, Benjamin Iniguez****, and Michael Shur*****
*State University-ESPC (RU),**MEPHI (RU),***SYMICA Inc (RU),****URV (SP),*****RPI (USA)
12:00 -13:00
Lunch Break
13:00 -16:00
Afternoon Session - Chair: W. Grabinski, MOS-AK Group
T_8 State of the Art Modeling of Passive CMOS Components
Bernd Landgraf 
Infineon Technologies (A)
T_9 Compact I-V Model of Amorphous Oxide TFTs
Benjamin Iniguez*,Alejandra Castro-Carranza* , Muthupandian Cheralathan* , Slobodan Mijalkovic**, Pedro Barquinha***, Elvira Fortunato***, Rodrigo Martins***,Magali Estrada****, and Antonio Cerdeira****
*URV (SP), **Silvaco Ltd (UK), ***UNL(P), ****CINVESTAV (MEX)

Coffee Break
T_10 Three-Dimensional Electro-Thermal Circuit Model of Power Super-Junction MOSFET
Aleš Chvála, Daniel Donoval, Juraj Marek, Patrik Príbytný and Marián Molnár
Institute of Electronics and Photonics, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (SK)
T_11 A Close Comparison of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Double Gate JFETs
Matthias Bucher, Rupendra Sharma
Technical University of Crete, Chania, (GR)
T_12 Towards wide-frequency substrate model of advanced FDSOI MOSFET
Sergej Makovejev, Valeriya Kilchytska, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Denis Flandre
End of the MOS-AK Workshop

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