Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New IC-CAP with GaN and Python support

Some news from EDN:

Agilent Technologies recently announced a new version of IC-CAP (integrated circuit characterization and analysis platform) for high-frequency device characterization and modeling, offering parameter extraction, data analysis, instrument control and interface responsiveness. This announcement actually includes two noteworthy topics: GaN and Python.

Angelov-GaN is an industry-standard compact device model for GaN semiconductor devices. Since GaN devices typically operate at high power, it is important to be able to model thermal issues and their impacts on device characteristics. Designers working with GaN quickly realized that GaAs models were not good enough. Fortunately, Prof. I. Angelov at Chalmers University of Technology developed his Angelov-GaN model as an alternative.

In its IC-CAP 2013.01, Agilent has fully embraced the Angelov model with the W8533 Angelov-GaN extraction package. An interface lets users execute a step-by-step extraction flow to obtain model parameters. A turnkey flow aims to provide a quick-start modeling of GaN devices. Roberto Tinti, device modeling product manager with Agilent EEsof EDA explained that the company developed the extraction package in conjunction with some Japanese and US GaN partners, but he was unable to reveal company names.

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