Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SPICE: a 40-year old open-source success story

From EDN:

SPICE: a 40-year old open-source success story
SPICE, the Simulation Program with Integrated Circuits Emphasis, has turned 40 years old. The IEEE has marked the occasion by designating the development of SPICE as a Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing. On February 23rd, the Computer History Museum hosted a celebration with a roundtable discussion by the individuals most responsible for bringing SPICE from its origin as a UC Berkeley student project to the huge commercial success it has achieved as the most widely used tool in the semiconductor industry.
The panel (from left to right) consisted of:
  • Ron Rohrer - 2002 Kaufman Award recipient, who taught the class at UCB that developed the progenitor of SPICE, CANCER (Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation)
  • Larry Nagel - as a student in Ron’s class, Larry took on CANCER as his Master’s degree project, and eventually developed the 1st successful implementation - SPICE2 - as his doctoral thesis.
  • Kim Hailey - co-founder (with Shawn Hailey) of Meta-Software, where HSPICE was created.
  • Ken Kundert - who led the development of Cadence’s Spectre simulator.
  • David Hodges - Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UCB, the panel moderator, who is well known for leading the development of analog IC design in CMOS and for the original (Level-1) Shichman-Hodges MOS device model.

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