Monday, March 14, 2011

I've found this offer, which I'm sharing with you:

Looking for Modeling & Characterization Engineer. Please send resume to or apply Job 10536 at

Position Description As a Modeling Engineer in the Corporate R&D department, you will:

- Perform and analyze electrical measurements on various devices.
- Design test structures.
- Extract device SPICE models using ICCAP, UTMOST, MQA, and other in-house software packages.
- Support transfer methodology for models from TRD to Design Methodology.
- Document characterization and modeling work according to established procedures.
- Evaluate and support implementation of new characterization, modeling and methods.
- Provide performance assessment and feedbacks for device development engineering.
- Interface with Design Methodology, Design, Foundry and external customers to resolve characterization/modeling issues and improve characterization/modeling methods.
- Work jointly with modeling groups in CZ to perform characterization/modeling tasks.
- Perform other tasks as may be from time to time assigned.

Position Requirements Successful candidates for this position will have:

- A BS/MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering/Physics/Material Science/Chemical Engineering/Chemistry. MS/PhD preferred.
- In-depth understanding of semiconductor device physics and proficiency in DC, AC, and RF characterization.
- Previous Design/Device fabrication/Process integration experience desired.
- Ability to utilize statistical techniques is required.
- UNIX/LINIX shell, PERL programming experience is desired.
- Previous experience with BiPolar device design/simulation/modeling is a plus.
- Previous experience in RF parasitic extraction is a plus
- Demonstrated ability to work successfully with external groups is required.
Expiring in 11 days(March 25th, 2011)

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